Using ECVET for Geographical Mobility

This guide addresses the competent institutions and relevant multipliers wishing to promote ECVET for mobility in their qualifications systems. Due to the different structures of qualification systems and divisions of responsibilities among stakeholders across Europe, the understanding of ‘who is a competent institution’ with regard to ECVET varies greatly. The range of institutions and bodies that can be involved covers Ministries and other national authorities, social partners, chambers and representatives of sectors as well as education and training providers.

This guide was written to explain the role of ECVET in facilitating the transnational mobility of learners. It presents some possible scenarios for using ECVET in this context, but it is not designed as a manual explaining step-by-step what to do in order to implement ECVET for mobility. It rather seeks to encourage ECVET mobility through explaining the added value and the potential of using ECVET for mobility. It is part of a series of documents that constitute the ‘ECVET Users’ Guide’. More pragmatic documentation, such as templates of Memoranda of Understanding or Learning Agreements, will be progressively made available for VET providers and other stakeholders concretely involved in ECVET mobility projects.