Monitoring ECVET implementation strategies in Europe

The timetable for ECVET implementation, which is a voluntary process, as foreseen in the ECVET recommendation of 18 June 2009 (2009/C 155/02), included a preparatory period running until 2012, during which the Member States were asked to create the necessary conditions and to adopt measures with a view to introducing ECVET. Then there was a period for the gradual introduction of ECVET, running until 2014.

Cedefop (European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training) is monitoring the progress made in establishing ECVET at national, regional and project levels and points to the key challenges countries are facing.

The monitoring report published in 2013 focuses on the necessary conditions Member States should create for its implementation. The report shows that Member States are progressing and are increasingly committed to ECVET implementation, although Europe is still far from a fully operational credit system in VET and developments are heterogeneous.