Informative Workshops

8 EU participating countries-partners organised one one-day informative workshop at national level for the dissemination of the project identity. Presentations were given on project‟s actions, anticipated results and outcomes, vocational training aspects and needs on solid waste management, vocational training and waste management legislative framework. Stakeholders from all identified target groups and end users were invited. The outcomes of the workshops are: agendas, presentations, stationery, poster, banner, photos and list of participants. Presentations and other informative material resulting from the workshops were uploaded to project website (

  1. Bulgaria/Sofia, 26/09/2013 (BIA)
  2. Ravenna/Italy, 27/09/2013 (SINERGIE)
  3. Warsaw/Poland, 24/10/2013 (IEP-NRI)
  4. Lithuania, 26/09/2013 (KTU- APINI)
  5. Dresden/Germany, 26/11/2013 (F-BB/SBG)
  6. Athens/Greece, 07/03/2014 (PASEPPE)
  7. Budapest/Hungary, 27/09/2013 (SZIE)
  8. Perth/Scotland, 13/11/2013 (TWML)