Project Web-site

Project web-site was initially launched in English language, but now its main parts are translated and are available in the languages of all the other participating countries (GR, DE, IT, HU, PL, LT, BG), too. All project results and deliverables can be accessed via the project’s website. SWFM-QF project description and objectives, partners profile, contact details, calendar of events, announcement of meetings, workshops, links to other relevant EU projects, download area, collection of the frequently asked questions etc ) and, of course, a direct link to the Solid Waste Facilities Managers’ Qualifications and details for the their vocational training (included in the Info-Training Toolkit).

Via SWFM-QF website visitors can register to the SWFM Network and exploit all the project‟s results, outcomes, deliverables and the contents of the Knowledge Base. Additionally subscription services for SWFM-QF e-Newsletter. All projects activities are published in SWFM-QF website in order to provide visibility and transparency to the public. The SWFM-QF website will remain active for the next 5 years (at least) ) on the abovementioned address and is going to be updated with the foreseen project’s exploitation activities. It will also remain the main communication tool for the SWFM-QF Network members.

The number of unique visitors, which visited only ones per month the webpage, quadrupled and the number of visits tripled. At the end of the year, a steady inflow of 500 unique visitors and 1500 visitors landed on SWFM-QF. In the end of October 2014, the project webpage increased their unique visitors in average by 50% and their number of page visits by 60%. The absolute numbers are not much, but the growth rate is remarkable for a noncommercial, specialized webpage.

It is worthwhile mentioning that SWFM-QF website visitors originate from all over the world, including countries far away from European Union like China and countries which present significant knowledge in waste management and vocational training issues like Canada and United States.