Reports on the outcomes of external evaluation

In each participating country two external experts will be appointed for the evaluation of the proposed competence framework, the proposed training course curriculum and the training material that will be prepared under WP4. The external experts will come from the vocational training and the solid waste management industry sector. The project partners will select the external experts in close cooperation with the national Life Long Learning authorities of each country. A common template for the reports’ compilation will be prepared and provided by the Work Package Leader to the external evaluators. The reports will entail a rigorous analysis of the proposed products and they will result into suggestions for certain modifications. The reports will be produced in English.

No of reports: 15

(Reports on the outcomes of external evaluation / 1st/2ndEN, 1st/2ndGR, 1st/2ndDE, 1st/2ndIT, 1st/2ndHU, 1st/2ndPL, 1stLT, 1st/2ndBG)