Info – Training Toolkit


SWFM-QF Info – Training Toolkit 

The Info – Training Toolkit will involve 3 Phases:

Definition of access criteria for the implementation of the SWFM future course

  • The actual criteria will be evaluated
  • The former job experiences in terms of credits will be analysed
  • The limitations related to the participation (number of participants) will be established and finally
  • The procedures for the acknowledgment of already obtained credits will be instituted.

Creation of SWFM course requirements and curriculum

The curriculum of the EU qualification as Solid Waste Facilities’ Manager will be depicted in detail. It will contain several major units; Each unit will be made up of modules which themselves will contain smaller units.

Organisation of training – informative material

All training material/ references will be uploaded at the project’s IT platform and will be regularly updated. A Multinational glossary of the relative technical terms will be prepared. The glossary will be part of the training material and will be available in all languages, published on the project’s website.

Intellectual Property Rights will be considered for the produced Info – Training Toolkit among project partners.