Harmonised Competence Frame

Recommendations for the development of a harmonized frame, for the common recognition of the qualifications of the Managers in the Solid Waste industry within Europe, are based on the comparative analysis of the respective qualifications in 8 EU countries.

The approach adapted was the enumeration and detailed classification of the knowledge, skills and competences currently required and likely to be required by the Solid Waste Facilities Managers over the next 5 years, derived from relative curricula and consultation within the industry.

On the basis of the recommendations of the harmonized competence profile a final version of the job assignments and competence profile will be developed. The results will be presented in the form of a matrix according to EQF standards. The report will analyze the prospects for creating a common frame for comparison of qualifications within EQF and ECVET, corresponding to EQF levels 4-6, which will be selected taking into consideration potential mutual zones of trust among the participating countries. Within the frame, the credit points will be defined; the learning outcomes will be designated and grouped in distinct learning units.