SWFM-QF Network

A national network was created in each different participating country (Hellas, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Lithuania, Bulgaria and UK). The members of the eight networks originate mainly from all project‟s target groups. All eight national networks comprise the overall SWFM-QF Network. Network members had an active role in the project‟s activities (participation in informative events, final conference, evaluation of core project’s deliverables, etc). Network members were considered as the main informational and dissemination points regarding project’s activities, results and deliverables.

SWFM-QF Network members were considered both as receiptors and donors of project‟s activities, results and deliverables. The same stands for the foreseen project‟s exploitation activities. All project partners were looking for new members for the SWFM-QF Network during the overall project duration and will continue to do so after its conclusion. Currently SWFM-QF Network amounts 392 active members in 11 EU countries. Via SWFM-QF website, interested stakeholders can register to the SWFM Network and then have access and exploit all the project‟s results, outcomes, deliverables and the contents of the Knowledge Base.