Comparison report of the identified national qualifications and VET

The aim of the comparison report is to enhance the comparability and transferability of the Solid Waste Facilities’ Managers qualifications in the context of the implementation of the EQF.

The comparison report is based on the national reports and compares the qualifications of Solid Waste Facilities’ Managers in the 8 countries studied on three key dimensions:

  • Governance, examining the different nature of the system of governance of qualifications and the different modes of VETs associated with them.
  • Education and Training, examining the preferred mode and length of each county’s VET and the content of the respective VET programs (types of knowledge and scopes).
  • Labour Market, examining the value of qualifications/skills in each country’s labour market, the status of Solid Waste Management in the occupation/sector/society, the activities that SWF’ Managers carry out, the basis of the wage and employment conditions, and apprentices/ trainees for each country.

The report was created in English and translated in all languages of participating countries.

(Comparison report / EN, GR, DE, IT, HU, PL, LT, BG)