Recycling Situation in Bulgaria


The active Law on Waste Management is an example of regulation, repelling investors and hampers the activities of businesses, says the position of the Bulgarian Association of Recycling / BAR/ regarding the age of one year from the enacted legislative changes in the sector.

Before starting work, firms must submit a bank guarantee 25 000 BGN to each regional environmental inspectorate complex, which will operate as well as 5000 BGN for each site, BTA reported.

So currently over 22 million BGN are blocked in banks in the form of guarantees in the industry, indicated by BAR. Guarantees and administrative burdens have led to a reduction of transmission sites for ferrous and nonferrous metals.

Sites that meet the legal requirements are currently 889 in 2372 to January 2012, complemented by BAR. Much of covered space in the “informal” sector, and the smaller number is a prerequisite waste disposed at dumpsites.

Its representatives claim that legal restrictions have caused a reduction in the turnover of companies with 30-40% compared to 2011, as well as the dismissal of more than 10 000 people.

The industry wants changes in WML and reduces bank guarantees up to 10 thousand BGN. Before month the Ministry of Environment and Waters declared their readiness to organize a public discussion with focus of the changes in legislation.