Dalyvavimas nacionaliniuose renginiuose


SWFM-QF Project Partners, in the framework of dissemination activities, participate at National Events and Conferences presenting the main project outputs to the public.



1. 26/04/2013: Participation to a Workshop day titled Municipal Waste Management Technologies organized by the Region of Central Macedonia – Environmental Council of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki – Regional Union of Municipalities of Macedonia Region in Thessaloniki, Greece 26th April 2013 promoting SWFM-QF. Promotion of SWFM-QF project.

2. 10/06/2013: Participation to Athens EACEA meeting that was held in Athens University History Museum, Athens, Greece on 10th of June 2013 disseminating SWFM-QF. The title of that meeting was “Meeting of Greek Centralised Projects: Leonardo Da Vinci, Grundtvig, Adult Learning Agenda“. Promotion of SWFM-QF project.

3. 19/09/2013: Participation to the Final Conference of THESEIS Project “Training on Health and Safety in the Environment Industrial Sector” was concluded on the 19th of September 2013, in Thessaloniki, with the attendance of 55 participants. The Conference was hosted by Federation of Industries of Northern Greece at Porto Palace hotel. Promotion of SWFM-QF project.

4. 13/06/2014:Participation to the ATHENS2014 2nd International Conference on Sustainable Solid Waste Management that was held at Royal Olympic Hotel on 12th and 13th June 2014, Athens, Greece. The ATHENS2014 Conference was organized within the LIFE+ ATHENS-BIOWASTE project and was under the auspices of the Hellenic Presidency. Promotion of SWFM-QF project.



1. 18-21/04/2013: Participation as supporter and exhibitor in the 6th edition of the international exhibition “Ecotec-Environmental Technologies & Photovoltaic Systems”, coexisting with the exhibitions “Domicatec” and “Hellenic Aluminum” with more than 30.000 visitors at all in Athens, Greece, 18-21 April 2013. PASEPPE rent an exhibition booth for the promotion of the project’s outputs as well as participated at the conference, that accompanied the exhibition, offering valuable information to the public. Dissemination of informative material of SWFM-QF project.



1. 28/2/2013.  Participation to a National Conference titled “Time, behaviour and resources management: towards a more sustainable society”. Promotion of SWFM-QF project.

2. 21/03/2013. Participation to a National Conference titled “Sustainable innovation for companies’ competitiveness: case studies and best practice” organized by University of Padua – Industrial Engineering – CESQA in Padua, Italy. The main objective of the convention was to present present or past experiences connected to projects, products and services for sustainable development. Promotion of SWFM-QF project.

3. 18/05/2013: Participation to the National Conference entitled “Jobs: can sustainability be a driver for economic development in time of crisis?”. The Conference was organized in Udine during the event EOS – Exposition of Sustainability. The main objective of the convention was to present new opportunities and new jobs offered by green economy. Promotion of SWFM-QF project.



1. 29-31/05/2013: Participation to Save the PLANET: 4th Conference and Exhibition on Waste Management, Recycling, Environment for South-East Europe. Promotion and dissemination of informative material of SWFM-QF project.



1. 09/12/2012: Presentation of project at WAMITAB/SQA event (CFE Event).

2. 11/02/2014: Participation and distribution of informative leaflets at European Monitoring Conference in Brussels (Work-based Learning and Apprenticeships). Promotion and dissemination of informative material of SWFM-QF project.

3. 02/04/2014: Participation and informaly presentation of SWFM-QF at 2014 NI CONFERENCE & EXHIBITION titled “Waste in the Right Place?”. Promotion and dissemination of informative material of SWFM-QF project.



1. 11-12/09/2014: Organisation of the 12th International Conference “Man, Health and Environment”. Dissemination of SWFM-QF project results.

2. 14-17/10/2014: Participation to the International trade fair of environmental protection POLEKO. IEP-NRI had a stand located in the area named “Salon Eco-Innovation” in the Pavilion 8A. Dissemination of SWFM-QF project results.



1. 24-26/01/2014: Presentation of SWFM-QF at the career fair in Dresden, Germany. Several hundred persons passed our fair stand. Among the visitors were also company representative from the waste management industry. Dissemination of SWFM-QF project results.

2. 06/02/2015: Presentation and dissemination of the SWFM-QF project at the meeting of the Association for Saxon Waste Management Companies together with a representative of the Federal Institute for vocational education and training in Germany (BIBB); Promotion of the SWFM-QF.



1. 13/10/2014: Organisation of a dissemination workshop at the Szent István University -mainly for students- presenting the results of the SWFM-QF project, as it can be useful for their studies, disseminating the SWFM-QF Project.

2. 10/11/2014: Organisation of the Renewable Energies Utilisation Workshop in Gödöllő, Hungary, where Dr. István SZABÓ dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering informed the participants about the project activities of the faculty, disseminating the SWFM-QF Project.



1. 05/03/2014: Participation in a dissemination seminar of the project DESUR and presentation of the SWFM-QF project activities and results, disseminating the SWFM-QF Project.



1. 02-04/09/2014: Presentation and dissemination of the SWFM-QF project at the 18th conference “Complex Waste Management” that was held on 2-4 September 2014 in Iława, Poland. Dissemination of SWFM-QF Project.