Alytus Region Waste Management Centre (ARWMC)

JSC Alytus Region Waste Management Centre (ARWMC) was established, in 2002, on the basis of cooperation agreement between the Councils of 7 municipalities – Alytus city, Alytus district, Prienai district, Birstonas, Druskininkai, Varena district and Lazdijai district municipalities. The establishment of ARWMC was a result of a project proposal submission by Alytus County administration, in order to receive international financial support from Cohesion Funds 2000 – 2006 for the creation of regional waste management system in accordance with the EU requirements.

Waste management in Alytus region is one of the priority areas of environmental protection.

One of the main goals of the JSC Alytus region waste management center is to implement Alytus region waste management system development project using European Union Structural Assistance 2007 – 2013. ARWMC is the largest waste management company in Alytus region. The Company organizes the regional waste management system which operates a waste treatment and disposal facilities, administers the local tax from the holders for the municipal waste collection and management, implements public awareness and education program on waste management. The Center does public procurement in the internal and external market, in accordance with the principles of economy and rationality. At this moment the biggest attention is paid on the collection of household waste, recycling, landfill and biodegradable waste management.