SINERGIE Società Consortile a responsabilità limitata (SINERGIE)

SINERGIE Società Consortile a responsabilità limitata (SINERGIE) is a no profit Training and Research Centre accredited by Regione Emilia-Romagna and Ministry of Education University and Research. Founded in 2001 with the aim to foster knowledge and skills development in the field of education and RTD, in particular for the following sectors: ICT, Energy, Environment, Safety and Security, Health, Social Sciences. Thanks to its experience in ICT sector SINERGIE developed an E-learning Platform through a Learning Content Management System which is used to deliver training modules.

Main activities of SINERGIE are:

- development and management of projects in the field of vocational training and higher education;

- organisation, technical and financial administration of projects funded by private and public funds;

- promotion of projects and events for stakeholders;

- collaboration with local authorities, private and public entities in the field of RTD and education;

- support to spin-off and new enterprise creation;

- technological transfer and results dissemination.

As a VET organisation, SINERGIE adopted the system implemented by Region Emilia-Romagna for the recognition/ certification of qualification to assess the final learning outcomes in terms of knowledge, competences and skills.