SWFM partnership incorporates 13 partners from 8 different EU countries including countries from Northern, Central and Southern Europe. The transnational character of the project presents a particular added value since it deals with issues of common concern at EU level. SWFM outcomes will be easily accessible and transferable resulting in benefits which will impact on a wide range of potential beneficiaries beyond the boundaries of the consortium member countries.

SWFM partners present expertise in qualification frameworks, VET systems and materials as well as in waste management and environmental protection issues. The transnational nature of the project consortium in conjunction with the partners’ multidisciplinary expertise will create an efficient form of partnership where sharing of practices, technology transfer and joint collaboration in the process, methodologies and deliverables will result to more effective learning and will lead to the beginning of a sustainable networking across European educational area. In the partnership are also included members of SWFM target groups and all partners participate, actively, in several networks, thus enhancing the project dissemination potential on a wider range of potential stakeholders all over the EU area.