SWFM-QF will correspond to the demand situation by developing a European qualification framework, so to address the needs of Facilities Managers in the waste management industry. To achieve this overarching project aim SWFM-QF will envisage the following objectives and ways to address them:

• identify the structure, content and regulation of the qualifications for the SWFM occupation in the European market: analyze the qualifications of waste management professionals; conducting direct contacts and implementing a questionnaire survey

• explore and compare the VET processes whereby these qualifications are acquired: review the current provision of VET for the waste management professionals; conducting direct contacts and implementing a questionnaire survey

detail existing qualifications to the respective NQFs and assess their correlation and alignment with EQF/ECVET: compare existing qualification and VET systems; preparing an assessment tool and linking all forms of them to common references

• identify the competences linked to the specificities of the sector: describe knowledge, skills, competences, learning outcomes & units allowing the recognition of a professional profile; defining the qualifications frame in line with the EU initiatives and elaborating the appropriate Info-training toolkit; explore previous works and good practices from both partners and international experience; building a communication and knowledge exchange tool

• create an harmonized competence and training frame for different levels of SWFM qualifications: enhance the acceptance of the proposed qualifications frame; promoting mutual recognition agreements

• favour the project results adoption: organizing specific dissemination events (website, workshops, brochures, press articles, newsletters, EU presentations)

• promote the suitable use of the project outcomes: ensure the engagement of key stakeholders from the target groups; setting up the SWFM-QF Network; implementing project Exploitation Plan; organizing project final conference.