Questionnaires on the qualifications and training procedures of Solid Waste Management Professionals

  1. Waste Management Facilities / EN, GR, DE, IT, HU, LT, PL, BG
  2. Vocational Training Organizations / EN, GR, DE, IT, HU, LT, PL, BG
  3. Associations and authorities / EN, GR, DE, IT, HU, LT, PL, BG

SWFM-QF project aims at developing a European qualification and training framework to address the needs of Facilities Managers in the waste management industry. More specifically SWFM-QF seeks to:

  1. identify the structure, content and regulation of the qualifications for the SWFM occupation in the European market
  2. explore and compare τhe VET processes whereby these qualifications are acquired
  3. describe the competences linked to the specificities of the sector
  4. create an harmonized competence and training frame for different levels of SWFM qualifications

This will be achieved through an assessment of the existing situation via questionnaires from which the required knowledge, skills, behaviors and qualifications of Solid Waste Management Professionals should be determined.

The purpose of the questionnaires is:

  • to identify and analyze the educational needs and qualifications of waste management professionals (required knowledge, skills and behaviors) and
  • to recommend new vocational training programmes in order that Europe has an extremely competitive and mobile workforce to respond to the new developments in the waste industry.

The filling of the questionnaire can be done electronically, is rather simple, short, private and anonymous.

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Please answer all questions. If any question does not refer or apply to you, just tick the “N/A” answer box.

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At the end of the questionnaire, if you wish, you can fill out your contact details in order to send you relevant information on the educational material that will be created.

Thank you, in advance for your effort and valuable input!