SWFM-QF Final Conference

The Final Conference of SWFM-QF ProjectΤowards a European Qualification Framework for Solid Waste Facilities’ Managers” was concluded on the 10th of October 2014 at the Mediterranean Palace Hotel, in the city of Thessaloniki, Greece, with more than 65 attendants. The Conference was hosted by SIGMA Consultants Ltd in cooperation with Regional Association of Solid Waste Management Agencies of Central Macedonia.

The welcome speach as well as the coordination of the conference was undertaken by Dr. Lefteris Karagiannidis from the SIGMA Consultants Ltd. The first session of final conference day focused on presenting the project’s experiences and results. The project Coordinator Dr. Lefteris Karagiannidis from SIGMA Consultants Ltd (Greece), shared the aims and achievements of the SWFM-QF project. Mr. Jens Hofmann from Saxon Education Company for Environmental Protection and Chemical Occupations Dresden Ltd (Germany), demonstrated the SWFM-QF Comparison Report, based on surveys comparing the qualifications and the national vocational education and training system (VET-system) in eight EU countries of the project consortium in the field of waste management. Mr. Scott Crossett from ICERMS – International Centre for the Environment, Resource Management & Sustainability (UK), gave a presentation of the SWFM Harmonised Qualification Framework, in terms of learning outcomes, knowledge, skills and competences, which are necessary for the profession of modern solid waste facilities managers’ operating different types of such facilities. Mrs. Anna Bojanowicz-Bablok from IEP-NRI – Institute of Environmental Protection – National Research Institute (Poland) presented the SWFM-QF Info-Training Toolkit and training courses which are necessary for the acquisition of the identified qualifications. Finally, Mr. Themistoklis Kasampalis from SIGMA Consultants Ltd (Greece) demonstrated the Exploitation Activities of the project in terms of products, experiences, policy lessons and European cooperation and described the strategy to exploit these products at European, national and regional levels.

During the second session invited speakers, exhibiting expertise on solid waste management and vocational training issues were presented current evolutions on the abovementioned fields. Invited speakers came from national (Hellenic National Organisation for the Certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance) and European organisations (CEDEFOP), activated in solid waste management (experts from waste management companies, agencies and academic institutes) and vocational training aspects. Additionally one member of the Hellenic Managing Authority of the former Leonardo da Vinci programme (currently ERASMUS+ programme) was invited and presented the new features and characteristics of the ERASMUS+ programme. Among the speakers were Dr. Dietmar Lohmann from the Haus der Kongresse für Umwelt-Bau-Verkehr Dresden e.V.(Germany), Mrs Anna Rolewicz-Kalińska from Warsaw University of Technology (Poland), Dr. George Perkoulidis from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece), Mrs Rea Sgouraki, Head of the Hellenic Qualifications Framework Department of the National Organisation for the Certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance (Greece) and Mrs Agapi Tsikli, Project Manager in the Hellenic LLP National Agency, State Scholarships Foundation (Greece).

SWFM-QF Final Conference concluded successfully with a round table discussion on issues related to the sustainability and further exploitation of SWFM-QF project results and delivered products. Although final session was a closed one, only for the project’s partners, it was decided to be divided in two parts. During the first part, the attendants expressed their opinions regarding project’s exploitation actions and then partners discussed and agreed on the final exploitation actions and the means to implement them.

For further information on the Final Conference’s outcomes please check the following links:

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